Flights to Sudan

Please pray for our flights to Sudan. We just heard that one leg of our multiple flights to get to Sudan is not available. Please be praying that we can find a flight from Nairobi to Loki, Kenya. It is hard to line all this up and if we miss one leg, we are in… Continue reading →

Merry Christmas!

Dear praying friends, It has been a very good Christmas season, and needs are being met through your prayers and generous donations. One such need was for Dau, the little 5 month old boy who was in the hospital for a double hernia. He is out of the hospital now and should be home in… Continue reading →

Update on Dau (and Dean)

Small update on 5-month-old little boy, Dau: He got through his surgery fine and should be out of the hospital today.  Thanks to all the churches and individual supporters for your help with this need. Update on Dean’s hunting trip: Dean didn’t see any deer 🙂

Need Gift Ideas?

Consider giving a gift on behalf of a loved one to our orphans in Sudan, such as a bull ($400), a goat ($50), or mosquito nets ($10). (For more gift ideas, see our Christmas prayer letter.) For a more unusual gift idea, check out, where you’ll find a great gift for all men to… Continue reading →

Dau’s Surgery

I just heard today at 1:00 pm (Wednesday, December 10) that baby Dau’s surgery went well.  He is in the hospital now recovering, and we are facing the decision of whether to let him stay a few days or take him out early due to financial constraints.  Please pray for 5-month-old little Dau’s complete recovery… Continue reading →

Dau’s Surgery and Dean’s Trip

Dear praying friends, The little 5 month old boy, Dau, had his surgery postponed until tomorrow (Dec. 10) so please keep praying for him and his hernia operation.  He is the son of Moses Aguer Bol, who cares so diligently for our 494 orphans in Adoor, Sudan.  Dau’s mother, Akundivera, had malaria when they arrived… Continue reading →