Prayer Needed

Please pray for the wife of Moses as she has malaria again. Moses plays a key role in caring for the orphans and it is critical that she gets some medication. This is the second time in 2 months that she has been sick with malaria.

Bob is Back!

Bob Nicol, our engineering consultant got back Tuesday from Ethiopia and is suffering from some unknown parasite/blood disorder.  He is waiting for blood test results.  Please pray for him and for a quick recovery.

Dean is Back!

Dean is back from seeing the orphans in Sudan.  It was a successful trip and all the orphans are doing fine.  Bob Nicol is in Ethiopia overseeing the drilling of a water well on our clinic compound in Meki.

Dean returning home!

Dean is on his way home from Sudan right now, tired but excited about the work God did these past two weeks.  Keep him in your prayers today, and we’re sure to get an update from him soon!

Orphan Update:

Although the Sudanese government records listed the orphans as five and six years old; Dean has seen little toddlers up to young men almost ready to shave! Dean and Bob are still taking pictures of each orphan and thank everyone for their prayers and support. The trip is going really well.

Documenting Orphans…

Getting photos and information logged for 499 orphans is no small task!  Dean and Bob are working furiously in Sudan to document each orphan for our records here at CrossWay, and although the work is demanding, they are encouraged by the orphans’ joy over so much attention and care!  Thank you again for your prayers… Continue reading →

Dean in Adoor!

Dean and Bob have arrived safely in Adoor, Sudan and are ready to begin work with the orphans and other ministry projects. Please keep them in your prayers for safety and strength for their work.

Dean’s trip:

Dean and Bob are in Nairobi now and should be in Loki, Kenya shortly.  On the 14th they head in the “wild west” of Sudan.  Please keep them in your prayers.   All is well…so far. Blessings, Dean

Update on Baby

We just sent funds for Baby Dau and his mother, Akundivera, to return from Nairobi to Sudan after having double surgery.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers and financial support to take care of this critical need. All is going well.  I leave Saturday for Sudan so keep praying for that trip too.… Continue reading →