Calling all cows!

We just got word that one of our churches will make milk cows their VBS project for this summer.  We have 499 orphans in Sudan who are in dire need of this.  Please give this some thought as we will be taking steps to provide more for these kids, many who have eye infections, skin… Continue reading →

Dean on the road

Dean just finished preaching at Faith Community Church in Maryland and will be headed to Virginia on Tuesday. He hopes to see his daughter and family Tuesday, and then on Wednesday speak at a Men’s Prayer Breakfast in Reston, VA. Please pray for Dean, as his travel schedule is heavy.

Help from Commissioner

The Commissioner in Southern Sudan provided 20 sacks of sorghum for the orphans. He said that we could pay him later when the financial problem was resolved. Thank you for your prayers.

Thanks for praying!

Olivia is doing well now. Thanks for your prayers. We now need your prayers to clear up the problem of the orphans in Sudan receiving the money we sent by wire. They need it for food. Thanks.

Prayer Needed

The wife of one of the directors of CrossWay International, Chester Pieprzica, just went to the ER. Please pray for Olivia that she would be diagnosed quickly and recover quickly. (I am writing this via Joan from the airport on the way to speak in the chapel services at Frontier School of the Bible in… Continue reading →

Cholera Returns

Please pray for our orphans in Sudan as another case of cholera has appeared in the village in which they live. For now, the orphans are well but cholera is a very infectious disease and can spread quickly. We lost one little 5 year old boy last November, Awer Echol, and his sister, 6 year… Continue reading →