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Dear Friends,

One of my major tasks in leading CrossWay International is training others in ministry. The older I get, the more important this task looms for me. And it’s always a joy to see our missionaries and coworkers take on more responsibility, and then to take it to the next level and train others. It is especially gratifying to let all know that Jason Chollar, our oldest son, is coming on as a full-time faith missionary with CrossWay International, starting this month of September.

Many of you may remember Jason back in 1984 when we first went on the road as a family to present our calling to be missionaries. Jason was nine years old back then and is now 40. He has served faithfully leading worship at a church north of Seattle for 18 years now, and is taking the step of faith to trust the Lord to provide for his ministry with us. This is a large step for Jason, Danica and their 3 teenage kids. He is leaving his salaried position, and will be traveling to present his ministry to others, and what God is calling him to do within our organization.

jason and kids 2015-08-23 17.41.46Jason and I returned from a very fruitful mission trip to Nicaragua last August, and Jason took to it like a duck to water. At the hour we were to leave the hotel where we had stayed in Nicaragua on this mission trip for a week, Jason asked me, “Has anyone talked to Jose, the owner of the hotel, about the Lord?” This week we had already seen over 90 Nicaraguans come to faith in Christ alone for their salvation, but Jason was still on the hunt for more. I told him that I didn’t think anyone had talked to Jose, but I wasn’t sure since we were with a team of 4 Americans and 4 Nicaraguans. Jason proceeded to follow up, with Francisco translating for him, and within 15 minutes Jose’s eyes were tearing up and he trusted the Lord through the verses and illustrations Jason shared. So I’m teaching Jason to do what I do as a full-time missionary, but I must admit, he doesn’t need much teaching. His gifts of music, evangelism and preaching were all used with good results on this mission trip. In addition, he has a very strong linguistic background. When we lived in Belgium, in 7th through 12th grade he majored in Latin and along with that studied German, French, and English, all in Flemish. The French was especially helpful with the Spanish of this country. During that week of our mission trip, we bought a guitar for him and Jason went with me from event to event, playing and singing in Spanish (which he has never studied) a couple of songs which he knocked out in an hour or two. It was amazing how quickly he was learning Spanish!

Indeed, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

-Dean Chollar