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August 2015 Prayer Calendar

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Prayer Calendar for Dean and Joan Chollar and Team with CrossWay International

August 2015

Answered prayer:  To date, we have received enough donations to provide 13 fans for the little babies and children who were sick and sweating in their hospital rooms.  Thank you so much to all who gave to this project!  And yes, we could still use more fans for other rooms.

First Week of August

  • Pray for Jasmina Caldera who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Francisco, her husband, is our Field Director in Nicaragua and oversees all of our various ongoing ministries and projects.  Pray for a successful treatment and quick recovery which starts on July 31.  She will also have a third surgery on August 14.  I don’t need to mention that this will be expensive.
  • Pray for all the preparation work that Francisco handles for mission trips and the one that is planned for the third week of this month while he cares for his wife.
  • Pray for Bruce McIntosh and his wife Debbie.  Bruce is recovering from a hernia operation and Debbie from diverticulitis while they care for their Autistic/Downs Syndrome teenage child, Sean.

Second Week of August

  • Pray for Allen and Sheree Mann who will be visiting many prayer partners to share their ministry with them.
  • And pray for Allen who is assuming a greater leadership role by taking on the responsibility of the country of Liberia with the CrossWay Christian School and our 150 students.  Allen is not yet fully supported himself, so this will be a huge challenge for him.  And because of some unexpected and initial needed funds for the school, his Liberia account is at minus $2,967 as of today.

Third Week of August

  • Pray for Dean, Bruce McIntosh and Jason Chollar who leave for Nicaragua on this mission trip with George Peach, a Sergeant with the Pennsylvania State Police.  George will be teaching a 2 day clinic to a group of police officers in this country.  See the video link to understand more the purpose and rationale behind this:
  • Bruce, Jason and Dean will also use this event to share the gospel with these police officers and will visit prisons and the sick children in Nicaragua on this mission trip.

Fourth Week of August

  • Start praying now for Dean’s mission trip in mid-September.  He will visit our school with 170 students in Meki, Ethiopia.  And for Allen Mann who heads back to Liberia in the third week of September to visit our school with 150 kids.  These 2 mission trips to Ethiopia and Liberia are long and hard trips.
  • Pray for Merle and Lisa Admire who will be going to Kenya on September 8 to share the gospel through our various water projects and ongoing ministries.  Here is a note from our Field Director Ken Gatithi in Kenya of what they will encounter while visiting and providing clean safe drinking water at the Gatkima School in a rural part of Kenya:
  • “The Gatkima School has 148 kids.  It has kindergarten and class one to class eight.  It has a feeding program for porridge to keep as many kids in school as possible as the population used to be higher than this. The kids are forced to carry unclean water in filthy containers resulting in diarrhea, typhoid and stomach upsets, which are a common thing in the school according to the school headmaster.  The last time I visited, the school had around 85 parents and we will have an opportunity to share the gospel to the whole school and the parents.”

Also, we just received news that Lisa’s Dad, who has been struggling with health issues, is in serious condition.  Merle wrote:  “They have asked the family to consider “end of life procedures”.  Would you guys pray for comfort and peace for my family?  Pray that God is glorified in all that goes on.  Ardie has told me many times he is looking forward to going home and is not afraid.  Finally for Lisa who has been the rock for her family for the past few weeks?”   So please pray for Lisa and Merle, and for God’s wisdom and peace and direction concerning how this family situation may affect their mission trip plans.

Thanks for all of your prayers!!!

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