August 2017 Prayer Calendar

Special Prayer Request: Pray for wisdom as we start our school in Nicaragua. We have less interest in reducing the short-term level of misery in the poverty of people and a greater interest in helping them escape poverty itself and leading them to faith in Christ.

And check out our June Prayer Letter if you didn’t get it through the mail. June 2017 Prayer Letter


First Week of August 2017
• Pray for the more than 800 individuals who came to faith in Christ on my past mission trip in July. Most live fairly close to our Training Center which will help us follow up on them.
• Pray for wisdom while we make plans to start a technical school in Nicaragua to teach English and computer skills which, in the long run, can enable them to escape poverty.
• Pray for Bruce McIntosh as he continues to explore how to get the discipleship booklets edited and published – he’s already been using the draft versions to help Christians grow in their Christian walk.

Second Week of August 2017
• Pray for the creation of video clips to help better communicate what the Lord is doing through our ministry.
• Pray also for Ken Gatithi, our Field Director in Kenya, who is running for Councilman and the election is August 8. His responsibilities will be doing what he is already doing for CrossWay International.
• Pray for Moses Gatura, our new Assistant Field Director in Kenya. He will begin by helping track the milk goats to destitute widows and by learning various aspects of the ministry.
• Pray for Gary and Marcia as they settle into their new home in Tennessee. Pray that they will find a church that preaches the gospel clearly and that doors will be opened for Gary to partner with Christians and churches in the area to grow his support base.

Third Week of August 2017
• Pray for Francisco Caldera, our Field Director in Nicaragua and his wife Jazmina. They continue to make progress in their health concerns and still face a significant deficit due to their medical costs.
• Pray for Carey Kinsolving and his project with and our partnership. He will be creating a curriculum and DVD series to teach children about missions through the eyes of a 12-year old boy and making it available to churches. CrossWay International will be featured in this project.

Fourth Week of August 2017
• Pray for Dean who heads off to preach and update one of our main supporting churches in Clearwater, Kansas (First Baptist Church). They were the first church to ever take us on as missionaries.
• And pray again for the start of the school in Nicaragua. My son Jason will be there from August 22 – 29 to assess the progress and to set it up so we can start it in September.
• Pray for Kevin Aguilar, our Assistant Field Director in Nicaragua, and Johni Gaitan. They will be the primary teachers at our new school start.