February 2018 Prayer Calendar

Below is a short video clip where I visit Johnson Mwangi, the 8 year-old little boy we are supporting to live at this boarding school in Kenya.  He had his eyes removed due to cancer and comes from a very broken home where he was neglected.  It’s 4 plus minutes long.


First Week of February 2018

  • Pray for Kevin Aguilar, our Field Director in Nicaragua, who was mugged and robbed a week ago.  Pray for his full recovery.
  • Pray for Jason who returns from his 10-day trip to Nicaragua.  He was handling a lot of administrative work for the new CrossWay English and Computer Tech School.

Second Week of February 2018

  • Please pray for the cartoon tract Bruce McIntosh has written.  It is currently being drawn by a cartoonist.  Also pray for the 2 Christian growth booklets Bruce has written.  He is making arrangements with an artist to illustrate them before being printed.
  • Pray for Gary and his wife Marcia as they welcome her mother into their home. Having survived Hurricane Irma, she has decided to move in with them after living in the same house in Florida for over 50 years. Pray for them all during this time of adjustment.
  • Pray for Bob Hamilton’s surgery scheduled for March 2. He is planning to train pastors in Kenya in May so pray for successful surgery and quick recovery.

Third Week of February 2018

  • Pray for all our missionaries who look to the Lord for their personal and ministry needs.
  • Moses Gatura – Field Director in Kenya
  • Kevin Aguilar – Field Director in Nicaragua
  • Johni Gaitan – Instructor at our school in Nicaragua
  • Josue Ruiz – Another instructor in our school in Nicaragua

They are all under supported at this time and I know they would appreciate any help you might give them.

Fourth Week of February 2018

  • Pray for the more than 1600 on Dean’s last mission trip to Kenya who indicated they understood for the first time that our salvation was by grace and then trusted in Christ.
  • Pray for their follow-up by Moses and others in Kenya.  Moses, our Field Director in Kenya, hopes to return to these locations to show the Jesus film in Swahili with our new projector system.
  • Pray that the Lord might provide the needed funds for Bibles for all those who trusted in Christ mentioned above.  The cost is $6 a Bible.
  • Pray for Ken Gatithi, who is now serving as a Councilman in his district.  He trained Moses and served many years faithfully at CWI.
  • Pray for Dean who goes again to Kenya on February 23 through March 5.  He will be overseeing the new ministry of showing the Jesus film in remote communities in that country and handling some legal issues.

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