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Flooding In Adoor, Sudan

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Our co-worker in Sudan, Wilson Garang Chan has sent a report about the flooding in Adoor, Sudan.  This is the village where the “CrossWay Kids” orphans are living. We have also attached several pictures so you can see the devastation that has occurred in the village of Adoor. It appears as though much has been lost, but the 494 orphans are safe. No more cases of cholera have occurred at this point. In addition, we are hearing reports of people coming to faith in Christ.

Dean will be going to this area in January with a couple of doctors and some needed support. Keep all this in your prayers.



Dear Dean and all,

I hope you are doing well with your families and your work. I have been praying since I got back from Aweil in August 2008 and things were very bad according to the reports I was getting from home. So I kept praying, and the Lord put on my heart to go home to Adoor again and conduct fasting and special prayers for cholera outbreaks, floods, malaria, and waterborne diseases.

Therefore I left Nairobi on October 6, 2008 via Juba to Aweil diocese for prayers, fasting, and pastoral work. The Lord granted me safe journey in and out. I came back on the 28th October 2008 very exhausted and tired. I was having continuous diarrhea while I was in Sudan. Thank God for this trip, when I arrived I got things very worse than it was in August 2008. Thousands of people were displaced by flood who were not displaced by flooding in August and thousands of houses (tukuls, huts) were brought down by the floods and rains. Even the Adoor church is flooded and when I was there we were working very hard to put mud around it to prevent further flooding into it to bring it down [note from Dean: many of the orphans were sleeping in this church building]. On 15th October 2008 we fasted from 8.00 am until the next day on Thursday 16th October 2008 at Adoor mission. The attendance at Adoor mission was 94 people of whom many of them were children of 8 years to 12 years of age and some few mothers. Hundreds of people are displaced around Adoor mission too and people who were there fear to fast because they see it hard for them.
The Immediate things which happened were:

From October 16, 2008 the rains stopped raining up to now and this is a sign that the Lord has answered our prayers and one of the mothers became very sick with Cholera and when we prayed for her she recovered, praise God for this. On October 22, 2008 we fasted again also at Aweil town and the attendance was 156 people. Many of them were sick people from various diseases. The prayers were for the same things we prayed for at Adoor and prayers at Adoor were for cholera to stop, malaria, peace in Sudan, growth of the word God in Adoor and Aweil and needs of water, schools, building of churches and others. The cholera is still claiming many lives and still spreading but we are hopefully that God will stop it too since He stops the rains. The flooding will go down because the rains were the ones making it worse.

We need to continue to pray for Cholera to stop and pray for the needs of medicines, food, shelter and victims affected by cholera, malaria, and waterborne diseases and the ones displaced by the floods. The Total of the displaced people by the flood is more than 100,000 and thousands of people have been displaced and the flooding has brought down their houses.
After I left things became very worse in Adoor. Thousands of people who were not displaced by the flooding when I was there in August were displaced by the floods in October and thousands of the houses were brought down by the floods. Even Moses house got flooded and they had to leave the house and many people in Adoor. Very few people are not displaced in Adoor, the flooding displaced majority. The church there got flooded and we were working there you can see from the photos attached.

The food situation is not okay. The new crops were badly affected by the continuous heavy rains and nothing was harvested again this year. So there is going to be possible famine for the next year. One of the wells was flooded, and the floods affected the water and people have stopped getting water from it because the water coming from it is very bad. When I was at Malualkon on my way to Aweil town I met one who was with Kuria who dug wells in Adoor and told him about the flooded well and he told me that they would need to see whether they could treat the water and see whether there is damage done by the floods.[note from Dean: There are still two good wells in Adoor on higher ground, for which we are very thankful.]

Concerning the orphans since many people have been displaced, some have been displaced too. When I left Adoor Michael gave me a report of one orphan who had passed away from cholera, thank God that many people that are affected by cholera God healed them. [note from Dean: Dean talked to the orphans’ managers today. The 494 orphans are all safe and back in Adoor, but shelter is very limited.]

Thank God that the rains stop that increases the flooding. The problem will be shelters. I was not able to travel to many places in the province of Aweil because many places are flooded and the floods cut out people and many places are not accessible. We do not know how many people are affected by these  roblems, we trust that the Lord will protect them and keep them well. Despite of the above problems many people are getting saved. Pray that the Lord will provide for these needs.

I want to thank the entire Crossway International for the support and prayers and concern for their brothers and sister in Adoor. May our Lord bless you all and the entire Crossway International, thank you all for your concern, attached are some photos from the trip.

Wishing you many blessings and many thanks for your concern,

Wilson Garang


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