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This is an effective way to reach the lost for Christ. And it represents a gift that keeps on giving!

We have identified 130 widows in Kenya who could get on their feet with a little bit of help from us all. We are making good inroads to providing these goats and here is how it works.

We provide a milk goat for a widow. She, in turn, can earn anywhere from $2 to $4 a day from selling the milk. This can enable her to support herself or others in her community. You may think, “How can so little support someone?”.  Well, the average income in Kenya is around $100 a month and in some places, the unemployment rate is as high as 70 percent.

* A 2 liter a day goat, costs just around $125 plus the transportation to the rural area of $25 and $10 to $15 for the needed shots. We also pay a broker $10 to make sure we get a good milk goat. So the total for such a goat is around $175.

* A 4 liter a day goat runs about $25 to $50 more plus the other costs bringing the cost to just over $200. But the down side, is that it needs high protein feed which is not found naturally in many locations. Where possible, we will buy this type of goat, but only where the high protein feed grows naturally.

In addition, with the help and oversight of the Chief of the village, we require each widow to give away to other widows, the first two offspring. We keep careful records of this and make occasional visits to assure this is done.

And more importantly, this effort opens door for the Gospel and we have seen, not only widows, but many in their community come to faith in Christ.

Let us know if you would like to purchase such a goat.  If you want to contribute towards this ministry, simply send us a check or give a gift online at and designate it “Kenya Goat Project” and we’ll make sure it gets there!

Our field director in Kenya, is making sure that each goat goes to a widow truly in need, as well as making sure that she and her community have a chance to respond to the Gospel … which can make an ETERNAL difference!  Talk about a gift that keeps giving … for eternity!


The CrossWay International Team

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