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Dean Chollar

God working in Kenya

By May 8, 2012No Comments

I just got back from the Western Province of Kenya where I visited to villages. God has worked in some amazing ways!

May 7 (Monday)

Sijoa – I went to visit the well we put in a year ago and it is still working great servicing 8,000 people for this village  there and surrounding area.

And while there, I held a work shop outdoors under the trees for 7 pastors in this area. To my surprise

after an hour, 150 people showed up and wanted to listen in. so I taught the Pastors and the others listened in. Then near the end of the workshop, I presented the gospel and gave an invitation. Around 50 responded indicating they had understood for the first time that salvation was by grace alone through faith in Christ and not by their works or own efforts. It’s always exciting to see people put their trust in Christ alone after grasping the message of grace.


Sigulu –   The same day, I was asked to be the guest speaker to dedicate the well for this nearby village. We are waiting at the time of this writing, to purchase a part that had broken on our drilling equipment but they wanted me to go ahead and dedicate this well to the Lord while I was in the area. We should have this well completed in 2 or 3 days.


The more exciting news is that we had 1200 people present at this dedication.  and after my message, I gave an invitation and around 450 place their trust in Christ alone for their salvation. These were religious individuals who had never heard the message of grace and how we can gain eternal life through faith in Christ alone as a free gift.


This has also been one of my more challenging mission trips from many aspects but also one of the most rewarding. It often seems to happen that way.


God has truly blessed us and I believe a large part of this has to do with your prayers and those of others. So, thanks so much and pray for my strength as I head back home quite exhausted but rejoicing greatly within my heart for what our god has accomplished through us all. He is amazing!