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Happy New Year to All from CrossWay International – 2018

By January 12, 2018October 1st, 2020No Comments

First Week of January 2018

  • Pray for Dean who leaves on January 5 for Kenya, where he will be sharing the Gospel with various communities where we have done some of our projects.  These tend to be fruitful times.
  • Pray for Moses Gatura, our new Field Director in Kenya as he finishes up his training period by our former field director, who is now a Councilman in the government.  The transition for these two brothers can be challenging but all seems to be going well.

Second Week of January 2018

  • Pray for Dean who will be returning from Kenya, and for opportunities to share the Gospel on his way home.
  • Please pray for Bruce McIntosh as he begins exploring the idea of writing and designing a cartoon tract for CrossWay as his next project.

Third Week of January 2018

  • Pray for Jason Chollar who is headed to Nicaragua to oversee the CrossWay English/Computer Tech School.  We still have some legal hurdles to jump over and want to hold a number of test classes.
  • Pray for Kevin Aguilar in Nicaragua who has taken over the Field Director position and has been swamped with the learning curve and the start of the school.  He only has about 10 percent of his needed personal and ministry support at this time so please pray for him.
  • Please pray for Gary Jones as he begins to work on writing a book to encourage Christians to clearly share the gospel.

Fourth Week of January 2018

  • Please continue to pray for Jason, who will still be in Nicaragua and returns on February 1.  He will be working closely with Kevin Aguilar and training our team there.
  • Please pray for Johni Gaitan and Josue Ruiz, who are setting up the curriculum for the school and preregistering students already, trusting that the approval to start the school will occur soon.

Pray that the “year-end” giving might eliminate the deficits in some of our accounts and help support all our coworkers and projects.

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