Two Category 4 hurricanes hit within 15 miles of each other in Nicaragua in two weeks!  

We are thankful that we were able to help meet the need in the Laguna de Apoyo and Masaya areas, where our CrossWay teams are working.  Now our team has begun investigating communities in the wider area, some of which were hit even harder. Kevin Aguilar, our field director for Nicaragua operations, took his motorcycle to go investigate areas nearby where some of the damage was reported to be much worse.  Roads are/were washed out, so going in our little car was not an option. The La Piñuela community has no power. The roads are washed out.  They have no food.  Of the 60 homes that used to exist, 10 are completely gone and the rest have severe damage.  Even worse than all of this, five people drowned including children that were swept away in the flooding.

We are working on plans to bring immediate supplies to this community including food and Bibles.  If you would like to partner with us, you can give online or send a check marked/designated with “Hurricane Relief”.

The path of these two back-to-back hurricanes was remarkably similar.

The La Piñuela community is one of the closest coastal communities to our Laguna and Masaya Campuses.

Many roads are washed out either with rocks or mud.

Some of the houses have been completely swept away, others are severely damaged.

Some families lost more than their possessions and houses, they lost children and other loved ones.

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