As you know, we here at Crossway International, are committed to bringing the clear gospel of grace everywhere.  So we love Christ-centered, life-changing resources that inspire children to know Christ and to share this gospel of grace.

Allow us to introduce Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids! 

The folks at invited Crossway to join in making this documentary that shows our Kenya mission work through the experience of 12-year-old Jesse Patete. This new documentary takes kids to Kenya on a real safari adventure. Through this 12-part video series and curriculum, you and your children will travel with Jesse as he explores Crossway and other ministries in Kenya while discovering the beautiful and amazing Kenyan wildlife, landscapes, languages, culture, cuisine, customs and communities. Your children will hear the clear Gospel message and learn about many inspiring mission workers. This series will nurture the next generation of missionaries, mission supporters, and prayer warriors—while encouraging kids to own their faith by sharing the Gospel with their friends right now.  


 Crossway International has partnered with to offer you a special discount on Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids. Use promo code CROSS30 by 4/28/19 to receive 30% off when you purchase the digital downloads or set of DVDs with printable curriculum. To give you a sneak preview, watch Crossway’s featured segment in Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids:

Furthermore, here is the link to view all of the curriculum lessons:

Lesson 7 features a real African safari on Kenya’s world-famous Masai Mara National Reserve. Twelve of Africa’s best-known animals are featured with Bible lessons tied to a notable characteristic of each animal. Documentary director Carey Kinsolving says that his wife has already reminded him on several occasions (i.e., when he was driving!) about the patience of the crocodile.  

Learn more and purchase Mission Explorers Kenya HERE


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