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July 2017 Prayer Calendar

By June 29, 2017October 1st, 2020No Comments

First Week of July 2017
• Pray for Dean, Merle and Jason who finish up their mission trip to Nicaragua and fly home on July 3.

• Pray for Francisco Caldera, our Field Director in Nicaragua, and for his wife Jazmina. Jazmina is responding to the treatment for her damaged kidneys caused by chemotherapy for her cancer. And Francisco is on medical leave to care for her and take care of his own health issues.

• Pray for our Field Director in Kenya. He is running for a political office that will allow him to continue with CrossWay International and dovetail very nicely with what he is already doing. The election will be held on August 8 and he has a very good chance of winning.

Second Week of July 2017
• Pray for the needed prep work for a team coming to Nicaragua next week from Faith Community Church in Maryland, and for safe travel with opportunities to share Christ along the way.

• Pray for Kevin Aguilar, our Assistant Field Director in Nicaragua. Because of Francisco’s and his family’s health issues, most of the work is falling on Kevin’s shoulders and some of this is new for him in terms of preparing for a team to come from the USA.

• Pray for Moses Gatura, who has worked with us in Kenya for 3 years. We are looking at taking him on part-time this month and trust that the Lord will raise up the needed funds. He is a veterinarian and will primarily work with the purchase and distribution of milk goats for widows.

Third Week of July 2017
• Pray for the team which will be in Nicaragua this week and for a productive time of evangelism and discipleship.
• Pray that many will come to faith in Christ during this visit with the team from FCC and that they might be fearless in presenting clearly the Gospel of God’s grace.

Fourth Week of July 2017
• Pray again for the team from Faith Community Church as they finish up their ministry in Nicaragua and for safe travel and opportunities to share Christ on the way back home.

• Pray for the post-editing of all the videos for the project by Carey Kinsolving ( which he and his team took this past June in Kenya. The name of the project is “Mission        Explorers: Kenya”. Crossway International will be featured in it. It features a young boy who comes to Kenya as a reporter and allows children to see missions through his eyes. You will read more about it in our prayer letter that is due out very soon.