July 2018 Prayer Calendar – Freedom To Serve

In Texas
If you haven’t seen the newspaper article in our local Boerne paper, you can access it here:

And our June prayer letter can be seen here:

In Kenya
We have started the construction of the building for the Childrens Home in Sagana, Kenya.  And we look forward to seeing it come up from the ground like a fruit-bearing tree.  

In Nicaragua
Things are still tense.  Some roads are still blocked and the banks and stores are open some of the time.  Because of the violence, new elections might be held but it’s hard to know what Ortega will do.  So far, ;more than 200 have been killed.

First Week of July 2018

  • Dean just left at the end of June for another mission trip to Kenya.  He will be preaching at a number of locations and overseeing the Childrens Home we are constructing.  Pray for its completion, the relief it will bring to orphans and for it to be used as a spring board to share the Gospel.
  • Pray also that our water well and goat ministry along with donations from local churches and individuals in the area of Sagana, will move this ministry to a self-sustaining ministry.

Second Week of July 2018

  • Dean will Return from Kenya so pray for safety and opportunities to share Christ along the way.
  • Pray for Moses Gatura, our Field Director in Kenya and for his wife, Edith, who are working hard to line up the workers to build the Childrens Home.  The foundation is complete and the walls are going up.   

Third Week of July 2018

  • Pray for Kevin Aguilar, our Field Director in Nicaragua, who was incarcerated on false charges for 4 days but God used it to lead many to Christ. (For his story, go to the prayer letter link above)  
  • Pray for peace in Nicaragua and that the violence would stop.

Fourth Week of July 2018

  • Pray for our two main teachers at our school in Nicaragua.  The kids cannot come to school due to the violence so Johni Gaitan and Josue Ruiz are going out with Kevin to share the gospel in the area of the school.    
  • Pray for Jason Chollar who leaves this week for Kenya to help oversee our ongoing ministry.