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June 2015 Crossway Prayer Calendar

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Prayer Calendar for Dean and Joan Chollar – CrossWay International
June 2015

First Week of June
Pray for the many (more than 1,000) who trusted in the Lord on past mission trips in the last 3 months by Dean and Allen Mann. Pray for their follow up and nurture in God’s word.
Pray for Allen Mann, our Regional Director, who is leading a team of 12 Americans on a mission trip to hold a Sports Camp in Nicaragua on June 6 – 14. Some of the youth will be gang members we are reaching out to on the streets.

Second Week of June
Pray for our Field Directors and Coworkers in our 4 active countries.
Pray for Francisco Caldera in Nicaragua and his high blood pressure and that of his wife, Jasmina and surgeries. Also for the work to line up the Sports Camp mentioned above.
Pray for Ken Gatithi in Kenya with his heavy schedule and plans to prepare the way for my next mission trip with more water projects.
Pray for Isaac Zoedah in Liberia with our school of 150 students with orphans and needy kids.
Pray for Melaku Abebe in Ethiopia with our 170 students of orphans and needy kids and the hope and prayer of starting a church in Addis.
Pray also for our many other workers in these fields: our interpreters, and our teaching staff for our 2 schools (we have a total of 20 teachers at the 2 schools).

Third Week of June
Pray for our American missionaries with CrossWay International.
Allen Mann is taking on a greater leadership role as our Regional Director.
Bruce McIntosh, our International Training Specialist is taking in a team to Nicaragua in August for a clinic and outreach to police officers in Nicaragua.
Pray for Gary Jones, our International Training Director, who is making plans for another pastor’s conference as soon as the Lord provides more direction and support.
Pray for Robert and Ann Messier along with Merle Admire, who serve as part-time missionaries. Robert and Ann will be on the trip to Nicaragua this June and Merle is looking into taking a team to Kenya this August.

Fourth Week of June
Pray for Dean’s third mission trip to Nicaragua and for another bountiful harvest as before. He leaves on June 25.

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