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Just a few minutes away from our headquarters, between that and downtown Sagana, is Karima Primary School, Kirinyaga County.  See map link, and note that should you do a search, there are multiple primary schools with that same Karima name in Kenya.  This poor, rural public school was in dire need of water.  Having safe, clean water for drinking and washing keeps everyone much healthier and more productive.

The current main source of water is the runoff from the gutters into this open cement hole.  Look at this water.  Would you want to drink it?  Would you want your kids drinking it? I sure wouldn’t.  The people of this poor rural community have no choice, however.  This was their daily reality.

Because of your generous donations, we were able to hire a team to install a new rain harvest system.  To start with holes had to be dug in order to anchor the platform for the tank, so that the water can be coming from just a slight elevation.

Once the holes were dug sufficiently deep, the metal platform is put in place and then leveled and anchored into the ground.

The tank is then put into place on the platform.

Pipes are attached to bring the water from the roof into the tank.

Faucets are then installed a little ways away for a drinking/washing station.

A small wall and cement section is poured right nearby for another washing/drinking station.  This one won’t get muddy.

Here you can see Moses (far right) speaking to the 450+ kids.  He is explaining why strangers who have never met them have paid for this rain harvest system to be installed.  It is the love of Jesus that compells us to reach out to them in their need.  And our GREATEST need, what our eternal souls need, even more than our bodies need physical water, is the living water of Jesus Christ.  Most of these children have only ever heard the myth that if you can just be good enough, you will be saved.  Moses was able to preach the wonderful news that we are saved by trusting in Jesus Christ – and nothing else!

Half of the 450+ children raised their hands, indicating this was the first time they had ever heard this message and that they were making a decision to put their trust in Jesus Christ alone that day!  Praise the Lord!  Moses has been invited to visit regularly and is excited to meet the leader in charge of spiritual development for this school for ongoing discipleship.