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March 2016 Prayer Calendar

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Prayer Calendar CrossWay International for the Chollar’s and Our Team
April 2016

First Week of April 2016

  • Pray for Jason Chollar, who postponed his trip to Nicaragua to take care of some family issues. And pray for his needed monthly support as a faith missionary.
  • Pray for Francisco Caldera, our Field Director in Nicaragua, and for his assistants, Mario and Maycol, who both work in Nicaragua to help us oversee and fulfill the ministry in this country.

Second Week of April 2016

  • Pray for our growing school in Meki, Ethiopia, with 237 students.  We had to turn some away this year due to lack of space so please pray that God will expand our tent.
  • Pray for Jasmina Caldera, Francisco’s wife, who got a good report on her cancer treatment she was taking.  Pray that all of the cancer is gone.

Third Week of April 2016

  • Pray for Gary Jones, our International Training Director,  as he makes plans to teach at a Pastors Conference in Peru in the coming months. Pray that God will supply the funding that he needs for this mission trip and other ministry opportunities.
  • Pray for Dean who leaves for Liberia on April 13:  1) to teach a Pastors Conference and  2) also to teach our seminar on evangelism to 200 public school teachers, who then, will teach it to their 7,000 students. Pray for our Field Director Isaac Zoedah, in Liberia, who is lining all this up with the government official, James Kolar.

Fourth Week of April 2016

  • Pray for Ken, our Field Director for Kenya, who is lining up water projects and overseeing the distribution of milk goats to widows.
  • Pray for Bruce McIntosh and his wife, Debbie.  Debbie is having some health issues and they both spend a lot of time caring for their 15 year old autistic/Downs Syndrome child.  Bruce is doing a lot of writing and lining up seminars for him and Dean to teach.
  • Pray for more support for our water wells and projects in our active countries.  We have a growing list of those who need clean, safe drinking water.
  • And pray for our school in Ben Town, Liberia, with 174 students.  This country is recovering slowly from the Ebola crisis and we hope to acquire some land soon for a more permanent school campus.  Pray for this needed expense.

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