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Merry Christmas! – December 2017 Prayer Calendar

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We continue to be thankful to the Lord for each of you who care about our ministry enough to read this prayer calendar and pray for us.  Thank you!

First Week of December 2017

  • Pray for Moses Gatura, who is replacing our former field directorin Kenya.  Moses is married to Edith and has 3 young kids, Eugene, Patience and Blessing.  His position is a faith-based missionary position and we are praying that both American and Kenyan Christians will step up to meet this need.
  • Our former field director in Keyna, who was elected to a Councilman position in Kenya, is working both his political position and training Moses, so pray for him, too.  Ken will continue on to help oversee and give directions to our ministry in Kenya.
  • Pray for Gary Jones, our International Training Director, who recently went in November to Nicaragua to teach a Pastors Conference.  Pray for more support for such trips.
  • Pray for Bob Hamilton, our Associate Missionary.  He returned from a 3 week trip in October and November to both Kenya and Burundi and requests guidance for his next trip there.

Second Week of December 2017

  • Pray for Kevin Aguilar, who is now our Field Director in Nicaragua.  He did a great job lining up back-to-back conferences in November. Pray for his support as he is a faith missionary, looking to the Lord for his personal and ministry needs.

Third Week of December 2017

  • Pray for Dean who is lining up his mission trips for the first quarter of 2018.  He leaves January 5 for Kenya and then in February for Nicaragua to help with the start of the new Tech School at our Training Center.
  • Pray for Johni Gaitan who continues to develop the curriculum for both the English and Computer courses for our new school in Nicaragua.
  • Pray for Bruce McIntosh, our International Training Specialist, who is hard at work finishing up his booklets on discipleship.

Fourth Week of December 2017

  • Pray for Josue Ruiz who will be joining CrossWay International this December 1, and plans to teach English at our school in Nicaragua.

Merry Christmas to all!

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