November 2018 Prayer Calendar

First Week of November 2018: Focus Kenya

  • Thank God for our dear brother, Moses Gatura,our Field Director in Kenya.  He has faced so many battles with such courage and integrity.
  • Thank God for recent progress with the unending processes with government and banks and other institutions.  It’s almost as if someone doesn’t want us to help people (Satan!)
  • Pray for Moses as his mother passed away a few weeks ago and they were very close.
  • Pray for his excellent work to continue regarding the Children’s Home and all the legal work needed to get this up and running. 

Second Week of November 2018: Focus U.S.A.

  • Thank God for our friend Carey Kinsolving and MissionExplorers Kenya, a new film documentary to introduce children to the work and world of missionaries. Crossway International is the first to be featured along with its curriculum lesson. Pray that God might use this to raise up anew generation of missionaries!
  • Pray for God’s direction in the publishing and distribution of this work. The producer has prepared a preview page for publishers at  If you know any publishers that could be interested in distributing this documentary, please direct them to this webpage. 
  • Pray for Dean who will participate in a mission’s conference and preach in Clearwater, Kansas.
  • Pray for Dean’s hearing in his left ear.  The test I just had reveals I need a hearing aid.

Third Week of November 2018: Focus Nicaragua

  • Thank God for Kevin Aguilar, our Field Director in Nicaragua, and Josue Ruis, his right-hand man.  You should see how Josue holds the students in the palm of his hand.  Kevin wears many hats and does so with grace and excellence.  Trustworthy men are hard to find, and these guys are truly men of sacrifice and integrity.
  • Thank God that the students are coming back. The time of civil unrest has really hurt the economy but kids are slowly coming back to the classes at our Training Center.
  • Pray for some of the ongoing legal issues we face in Nicaragua.  So many crooked lawyers.  So many corrupt government officials.  So many dishonest people.  Pray for the Lord’s favor and for the truth to come out.
  • Pray for Mario, a new recruit who is teaching computers at the school.  We are still getting to know him, but he is clearly capable and hardworking. 

Fourth Week of November 2018

  • Thank God for the many safe trips that our coworkers have taken.  The Lord hears your prayers and answers them!
  • Thank God for the many other good people and organizations that are working in Kenya, Nicaragua, and around the world, and for the good working relationships we have with so many of them.
  • Pray for Jason who is making his third trip to Kenya this year to oversee the Children’s Home among other things.
  • Pray for healthy churches in these countries for the many new believers we see coming to faith in Christ.  We praise God for the rich harvest of people putting their trust in Christ.  Pray for healthy spiritual parents for these newly born-again believers!