October 2018 Prayer Calendar

First Week of October, 2018

Please pray for two big unwelcome surprises we just received in Kenya.

First, the water well we drilled for the Children’s Home has an abundance of water, but the testing of the water revealed that it was acidic with a high content of iron. The well can be treated to fix these problems, which is good, but it will cost around $6500 for the needed treatment. Ouch!

Second, the local electricity transformer for the neighborhood of the water well and Children’s Home was deemed too small to handle the additional 3 phase line we will need.  The cost is around $4,000 to upgrade to a larger transformer. Double Ouch! 

Pray that we will not become discouraged, but trust that God will once again provide, just as He has so often in the past.

Second Week of October, 2018

Pray for the more than 500 who came to faith in Christ this past month when Dean and Jason were in Kenya.  Jason did the heavy lifting and spoke at the evangelistic events.   

Pray for the ongoing needs of the dozens of widows who are struggling to make ends meet. We drew straws and were able to give 2 lucky widows a goat each, but there are many more waiting.

Pray for the pastors who attended Dean’s Pastors Conference and that they will be better equipped in evangelism.

Third Week of October, 2018

Pray for Jason as he heads to Nicaragua.  With some hesitation, and yet faith in the Lord, we believe it is safe enough now, after all the civil unrest of the past months.  The enrollment at the classes at our Training Center continues to increase but the threat of possible civil unrest is always lurking just under the surface.

Fourth Week of October, 2018

Pray for Marcia and Gary Jones as he is retiring from CrossWay on September 30,2018.  Pray that God will continue to lead the Jones’s and help them transition to this new phase of their lives.

Bruce McIntosh finally has his two booklet study completed on discipleship.  If interested, please contact him by email. (bd.mcintosh@comcast.net)