Sagana Project

Help Us Reach Out to Orphans and Change Sagana, Kenya!

Impacting Communities

How can we, who are so richly blessed, use what we have to impact the world? How can we reach the communities we visit, like Sagana, Kenya, with the good news of Jesus’ rescue offer? How can we show the people that we truly care about them, so their hearts will be open to hear the message? Who is most desperately in need, and how can we truly help them, both in the short term AND the long term, rather than reinforcing a system of dependency?

Water Well
One type of project that has proven to provide long-term help to those who need it most, and that opens people’s hearts to the gospel, is drilling a community water well. Providing this sort of basic infrastructure impacts the health of the entire community, especially the orphans, the widows, and the youngest, who would otherwise spend hours and hours each day transporting unclean water over long distances, instead of having time and energy for education. And the water that is brought back is often dangerous, contaminated, and disease-ridden.




The water well we are drilling in Sagana will provide water to over 6,000 impoverished people, including a community of Muslims.

Caring for Orphans: Building a Children’s Home

During our travels, we have often come across other orphans in the area, but have no place to take them. Some of you who have been partners for a while might already know the story of Johnson Mwangi, the 8-year-old little boy who had his eyes removed due to cancer. We were able to find a place for him in the last available spot in that particular children’s home which especially made for the blind.

Our field director, Moses, and his wife, Edith, feel burdened for these kids and wish to take on the responsibility to care for them. But they have no room in their present house and need help in providing a place. We have property available to us and hope to start building a Children’s Home in the near future.



(Before reading this list below, we are excited to share that we have already received $30,000 for the basic structure of the building.)

1. Water well: 880-foot-deep with tower and elevated tank – $22,000
2. Electric submersible pump – $7,000
2. Septic tank: – $6,500
3. Basic structure of the building – $30,000 (already received!)

We realize this is a large project and hope that many will respond to such a project, as you have done before.

Would you consider helping us reach the goal of raising the $35,500 that is left?


Dean Baptizing in Mombosa

We have done similar projects before and have had tremendous success. Thousands have responded to the invitation to trust in Jesus. The community flourishes. We are partnering with local churches, challenging them to provide for the ongoing needs of each orphan that is brought in. The orphans then become dependent on their own communities for their long-term care, which is the healthiest option for those who are unable to provide for themselves. We are just providing the initial infrastructure.

Tangible, Personal Impact


Besides helping the community as a whole, this gives hope to specific kids like Patrick and Mercy who live there. Patrick Karanja is an undernourished 7-year-old orphan pictured here. Mercy Waithira is another orphan, 12 years old and from that same area. Her mother was murdered, and her extended family is destitute. Our hearts are burdened and we want to help these poor orphans and others like them.


How to help
You can support this specific project with any amount, large or small. If you are donating by check please designate “orphans” on the memo line.

CrossWay International
14 Fabra Oaks Rd
Boerne, TX 78006

If you give electronically, simply designate your gift for “orphans” in the place that is provided, so we will make sure it goes towards this project.

A special thanks in advance to all of you who might partner with us in our outreach to help orphans and share the Gospel with this community in Kenya.

Warmly in Christ,

-Dean Chollar

 P.S. If you want to see an example of the affection and gratitude of someone we have helped, check out this short video of the blind leading the blind, including an interview with my precious young friend, Johnson Mwangi, the blind orphan we are helping.

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