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September 2018 Prayer Calendar

By September 6, 2018No Comments

Week One:

  • Pray for all of the families in the US heading “back to school” … that we would all reach out to these connections and share the good news with them!  
  • Pray for the Children’s home in Kenya at the Training Center in Nicaragua.

Week Two:

  • Pray for our two main teachers in Nicaragua: Kevin Aguilar and Josue Ruiz, and their families while recruiting and teaching lessons.
  • Pray for Moses Gatura, our field director in Kenya who is overseeing continued construction and preparations for the children’s home … as well as lining up speaking engagements for Jason and Dean’s visit the next week.

Week Three:

  • Pray for Dean & Jason as they travel to Kenya Sept 13-25 and for Moses.
  • Pray for continued calm in Nicaragua and more students since many quit coming when the civil unrest started. 

Week Four

  • Pray for God’s direction on scheduling a future visit to Nica.  Is it wise to return?  Is it safe?  When is the Lord’s timing?
  • Pray for follow-up in Kenya for all who put their trust in Christ and for all of the logistics (goats, construction, …).