June 2017 Prayer Calendar

Special Note: We are very glad to report that the pathology report for our Field Director’s wife in Nicaragua, Jazmina, came back clear of cancer. PTL! But her kidneys were badly damaged during chemo. So, keep praying.  She will now need 3 months of treatment for her kidneys and remains in great pain with bleeding… Continue reading →


Here is a simple response song in Spanish, based on the chorus of the popular song by Matt Maher et. al “Lord, I need you”. Oh Senor te necesito En cada segundo Mi Defensor, mi Protector Dios te necesito Oh Senor en ti confio Solo en Christo confio Mi Redentor, mi Salvador Dios en ti confio… Continue reading →

May 2017 Prayer Calendar

It’s May!  “May” I ask you a question? Question:  Were you able to use any of these videos to help you become a better fisher of men? (Matt. 4:19)   1.  The Paper-folding Tool (3m37s): https://youtu.be/_D7l48Uyl2E (Have everyone grab a piece of paper and follow along!  It’s great for kids and adults both.) 2.  The… Continue reading →

April 2017 Prayer Calendar

Easter – Getting ready for family and friends How to get ready for Easter and having friends and family at the house:  This is an excellent time to be a witness to our family and friends.  So, pray for how the Lord might use you in this way (Col 4:3).  You might check out our… Continue reading →

Thank you from Sherlly

Fransisco’s 6 year old daughter Sherlly wanted to thank the kind folks who have been praying for her recovery. The audio is a little fuzzy, so to clarify, she says “My name’s Sherlly. Thank you for praying for me. God bless you.”

March 2017 – Prayer Calendar

A special note:  For those who have an interest in helping us more in Nicaragua, we have an opportunity to purchase a small 4-acre tract of land adjacent to our Training Center property that has a number of advantages, such as an easier access to our property and 178 fruit trees (with monkeys).  We have… Continue reading →