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CrossWay International is a mission organization committed to taking the clear presentation of the gospel of God’s grace to a lost and hurting world. Our focus is on Opening Hearts for the Gospel, Sharing the Gospel, and Training Others to Share the Gospel.  Our team includes U.S. based missionaries, and national co-workers. Although we have ministered and shared the Gospel in over 50 countries, we are now primarily focused in Kenya and Nicaragua.

Show – Opening Hearts for the Gospel
One of the major ways we promote the spread of the gospel is by providing critical aid to those in true need. By meeting their physical needs, we help to open hearts for the gospel through projects such as water well drilling, medical clinics, schools, and care for orphans and needy kids.

Tell – Sharing the Gospel with words
CrossWay International is involved worldwide in sharing Christ wherever possible. One way we do this is through evangelistic events. These include well dedications, open-air preaching, campaigns, visiting orphans and needy kids, door-to-door visitation, music, games and puppet shows. Our missionaries also lead groups in life-changing short- term mission trips.

In addition, we produce evangelistic materials. These include booklets, tracts, and our Gospel Gift Cube, which has been used widely to make the gospel message clear in cross-culturally relevant pictures.

Teach – Training Others to Show and Tell the Gospel
Another way we promote the spread of the gospel is by teaching evangelism through Evangelism Seminars and Pastors’ Conferences, which supplements the little training that is sometimes available to pastors in many countries.
We are also available to help the stateside churches (as well as overseas) with evangelistic materialsequipping seminars and teaching, preaching and motivational speaking.