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The Make It Clear!! Seminar on personal evangelism contains practical teaching on how to creatively share your faith in Christ.  It remains the heart of CrossWay International, as it addresses the critical issues surrounding evangelism.

Why attend the Make It Clear! Seminar?

All of us struggle with evangelism. We want to talk to others about the Lord but often find it very difficult. That is why the Make It Clear! seminar is so important. It will help you in two areas of evangelism where many people struggle: fear and not knowing how. The seminar has been used very effectively to train believers around the world in sharing their faith.

What does the Make It Clear! Seminar cover?

The seminar covers many essential areas, including the seven N.T. passages dealing with prayer and evangelism. The heart of the seminar gives clear instruction on four of the most important concepts in evangelism and more than ten different methods for sharing the gospel. It closes with a lesson on how to respond to questions and objections that people might raise.

What do others say about the Make It Clear! seminar?

“Thanks so much for your ministry at CrossRoads! The effects are still evident – an enthusiasm for evangelism, discussions about how to be more clear, and the fruit of a new life through Christ. Thanks for making your life available for the King and His Kingdom…” Pastor Mike Maggard, CrossRoads Community Church, Naples, FL

“It was a very creative seminar that is going to affect my way of evangelism for years to come. It was a great blessing.”  Jenny in Madrid, Spain

“By the way, for those who do not attend “Evangelism Training” because they feel that they know all there is to know, let me just say, nothing could be further from the truth…. The equipping that this seminar provided me proved to be priceless…. I did not realize how rusty I had become with witnessing to people of a deeply religious background. The illustrations and lessons learned at this seminar helped me to share and show clearly the fact that Salvation is a free gift received by faith in Jesus Christ alone.” Milt Johnson, Chantilly Bible Church

“I liked especially the wallet illustration which I have applied a couple of time and I think it will be very useful for me in the future. A big thank you for everything you have taught us.” Svetlana in Romania

“It was made clear. Also easy to present and easy to understand for the person being presented to.” From the Seattle area