To accomplish our goal of equipping the church to evangelize, we strive to develop clear evangelistic materials.  Please look at these samples and consider ordering some for your church or ministry. If you are interested in ordering some, please contact our office.

CrossWay Gospel Booklet and CrossWay Gift Cube

These tools are a great way to share the gospel of God’s Grace and it includes a “test”.  Remember, “It’s not good enough to be so clear that people understand you, rather you must be so clear that people can not misunderstand you.

These tools use the same images (in a slightly different order).

The cube is intriguing and interactive.
The booklet is inexpensive and fits in a pocket.

To learn more about the booklet, visit

To learn more about the cube, check out

Paper Tracts

Suggested Donation for our tracts, $1 for a pack of 20, plus shipping and handling costs.  Contact our office to place your order.

Where will I spend eternity?
Our newest tract is a test.  It explains the gospel clearly by giving the answers to the most common ways that people think they can earn eternal life.  Read the contents in a pdf: Eternity test tract.