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CrossWay International is involved in Kenya in a variety of ways:

  • Providing clean, safe drinking water through projects such as water wells, rain harvest tanks and hydro pumps
  • Ministering in public schools by renovating buildings, showing the Jesus Film, and conducting evangelistic events
  • Providing tools for needy kids such as braille machines for the blind
  • Care for orphans
  • Providing goats for widows in need


Give a Milk-Goat to a Widow -a gift that keeps giving!

A $200 gift can change the life of not just one widow, but her family and in time, her whole community.  When a widow is given a goat, she can earn from $1 to $2 a day by selling the milk.  This may not seem like much, but the average monthly amount earned in many of these countries can be as low as $100 or even less a month.  And as the goat reproduces, these widows have even more of a window out of poverty.  Also, each widow promises to give the first 2 offspring of her milk-goat (kid) away to another widow… who promises to do the same … keeping the cycle of generosity going.

The cost for one good milk-goat runs around $200 which covers the cost of the goat, vaccinations and transportation.

Ladies with donated goats pic 1 COM

Moses Gaturu, our field director in Kenya, a former veterinarian, is making sure that each goat goes to a widow truly in need, as well as making sure that she and her community have a chance to respond to the Gospel … which can make an ETERNAL difference!  Talk about a gift that keeps giving … for eternity!

We have identified 130 widows who are in distress and could be blessed by such a goat.  And we have given 31 goats to date, which we are tracking along with the leadership or chief of each village.  An untold number in these communities have also come to faith in Christ which is our primary objective.

If you want to contribute towards this ministry, simply send us a check or give a gift online at and designate it “Kenya Goat Project” and we’ll make sure it gets there!



kids Githungungu primary school they received the water tank COM

Students are happy at Githungungu Primary School after they received new water tank.

New water tank at Githungungu Primary School COM

New water tank for Githungungu Primary School.

Masewani repaired and new paint at school COM

Masewani School after repairs and new paint.

45 orphans where Crossway donated two duffel bags of clothesCOM

Duffel bags full of clothes for 45 orphans.


Here is a 30 second clip of a young blind girl thanking Crossway partners for sending braille machines!

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