CrossWay International began in 1997 while the Chollar family were living as missionaries in Belgium.  They wanted to expand their mission outreach to other countries and decided to base their new mission organization in the States.  This decision was made in part to be closer to family who needed assistance, and also because international flights would cost less from the US.  In the first years, the main focus of the ministry was evangelism and training overseas, with some preaching and training in the States in between mission trips.  Another aspect of the ministry was the identification of coworkers in various countries, so that we could help support them and their ministries to varying degrees as we worked together. Although evangelism and training remain a top priority for CrossWay International, the ministry has since grown to include several new and exciting means of reaching out to the lost.

In an effort to empower the nationals in underdeveloped countries, Dean focuses on setting up “Self Supporting Ministry Projects” that train workers to preach the gospel effectively in their native lands, and at the same time provide them an opportunity to earn a living by providing needed services to the community.  Such projects include English Schools for Evangelism and water well drilling.  These projects have included Guyana, Ethiopia, Sudan, Liberia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Kenya, and Pakistan, etc… (Dean has been to more than 50 countries).

Another focus of CrossWay International is to bring badly needed humanitarian aid to remote and impoverished areas where the larger NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are not willing to go.  Dean has traveled to many such areas, and though he is physically blind, he tells of hearing the children cry from the pain of stomachs  bloated from water-borne diseases and malaria.  CrossWay International is privileged to take medicine, food, and the gospel of Jesus Christ to these remote and needy areas.

Water Well Ministry
After much prayer, CrossWay International has moved into the area of water well drilling.  Within a few months, CrossWay International helped to drill 3 wells in Adoor, Sudan.   For the first time, this village of around 2200 people has access to clean drinking water.  Since drilling the 3 wells in Sudan, CWI has drilled many wells in Africa, and in Nicaragua.

Orphans/Needy Kids
We also care for orphans in two countries at this time – Kenya and Nicaragua.

Animal Husbandry
We have animal husbandry projects going on in multiple countries that provide milk & meat and a growing income for widows and the poor. Contact our office if you would like to get in on the action!

In Ethiopia, we have turned over the English school that we started and it is now self sustaining. The school we started in Sudan, CrossWay Christian School, is now being supported and run by the Sudanese people in Adoor, Sudan.  We have helped to start a new school in Meki, Ethiopia, and started a school in Ben Town, Liberia too.  Nicaragua is next.

Pastors’ Conferences
CWI has held pastors conferences in a wide number of countries: Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Liberia, Uganda, Pakistan, and Nicaragua.

Evangelistic Events
All of the above ministries are used as a platform for the team at CrossWay International to follow up and share the gospel of God’s Grace.

Another facet of the ministry involves coming alongside national coworkers overseas.  They play an essential role in helping us develop and extend our ministry throughout their country and the world.

As the ministry has grown, God has also brought alongside a gifted staff, and new missionaries, in addition to our faithful coworkers overseas.

We pray that God might use all of these various ministries as a platform for helping and reaching out to the truly impoverished of our world.  Dean believes strongly in opening doors for sharing the gospel by bringing humanitarian aid to the impoverished and downtrodden of the world.  Indeed, Dean has lost his eyesight but not his vision.