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Dean Chollar

Update on flooding disaster in Sudan from Dean

By September 2, 2008October 3rd, 2013No Comments

Dear prayer partners,

I hope you are doing well. Thank you very much for your prayers and emails.
The situation in Sudan is alarming, and I’d like to bring you up to date on
the news. Floods are inundating the area that could displace many people
this month (and possibly next month, too). The people of the village of
Adoor, Sudan are working tirelessly to build a dike to hold back the floods
so they won’t have to move. Also, a cholera outbreak is claiming many
lives, as well as malaria, snakes and water-borne diseases.

Please pray for God’s intervention in all these problems.

The immediate needs are as follows:

* Prayers for the victims affected by cholera, malaria,
water-borne diseases, snakes, and God’s provision for more food and more
mosquito nets.
* Anti-malarial medicines.
* Anti-diarrhea medicines.
* Anti-worm medicines
* Antibiotics and water-borne disease medicines
* Tents for those whose huts have fallen down
* More blankets
* Fishing equipment

Thank you for your prayers and consideration in all this.

Warmly in Christ,